An enhanced compact disc (ECD) is an audio CD with multimedia content that can be played on both audio CD and computer-based CD-ROM players. DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc. It is a disc that can hold cinema-like digital video, audio that surpasses the quality of conventional CDs, and computer data. There are many enhanced CD and music DVD titles on the market and if you are a music collector and/or fan you won't want to miss out on owning some of these great titles!

    The current standard for creating ECDs is a format called multimession/bluebook. You should not have any problems viewing the enhanced CD or music DVD multimedia content as long as you have upgraded your CPU and/or software within the last couple of years. If you have not, you may need to upgrade your CD-ROM or DVD software and/or hardware. Before 1996, ECDs were made in different formats. They had names like pre-gap and mixed-mode which related to where the multimedia was put on the CD. Explain? No problem. Music DVDs are relatively new and you will need to have your hardware and software up to date.

    If you are a developer and are looking for even more detailed information about ECDs, the last document made was THE NEW ENHANCED CD FACT BOOK 2.0. You can download this document and it should help you understand the history of ECDs. We are in the process of writing a new and improved document, so please check back soon! If you are a DVD developer there are many sites available. Check out

    If you are looking for the Enhanced CD logo you can get it the RIAA website.
    The Recording Industry Association of America has established "Enhanced CD"
    and the "See What You Can Hear" tagline as certification marks available for
    use in connection with enhanced compact disc products that conform to the
    RIAA "Enhanced CD" Voluntary Specification and related advertising.\audio\standards.asp

    Whether you're a recording artist, record label or software developer, or generally a digital wannabe, we want to help you create a quality product. We have created this site to help you in your needs, if you have not found what you wanted, please let me here

    Playing an Enhanced CD or Music DVD?


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