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How can an Enhanced CD add to a musical groups popularity?
An Enhanced CD user can get an inside look at a live performance, read and listen to lengthy interviews, view photographs, lyrics and biographies. Fans can directly link from an ECD to the bands Web Site. Music fans can play interactive games and even listen to extra songs not available on the audio portion of the CD. If the audio CD is nothing short of exceptional, then the result of choosing Enhanced CD technology will only widen the groups popularity. 
MusicFan is using the Sony Blue Book standard for every ECD release. The use of Sony Blue Book will allow the CD to be completely Mac, PC and audio CD compatible.
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Since its creation the CD-ROM has been an excellent medium for Interactive Multimedia. The amount of information that can be stored on a CD-ROM is 650 Megabytes. With a capacity of 650 megs that can be stored on a CD-ROM, clients will get a presentation that is elaborate and intuitive to their audiences needs. Large Mpeg, Quicktime and AVI video files as well as any high-end audio formats and high-resolution graphics can be used on a CD-ROM freely. Although using a small amount of video and audio online is usually acceptable, the heavy use of these file types on the Internet can be very restrictive and often times can return unpredictable results. Even with a high bandwidth Internet connection, some media elements are too large and not suited to view online to the majority of Internet users. To ensure that everyone views your application without major downloading issues, the use of a CD-ROM is still the most durable medium and solution for Multimedia. CD-ROM, CD CARD, Enhanced CD and DVD-ROM may change in size and format in the years to come, but the technology they encompass will be with us for a very long time.

Live CD

What is a MusicFan WebRom?
WebRom is a custom made Live CD that augments any Web Site and is dynamically linked to the Internet while the CD is present in your CD-ROM drive.
WebRom allows your users to link directly to your Web Site via CD-ROM. The real advantage to WebRom is that it allows your Web Site to become the main interface for your CD-ROM. Once static HTML pages can now be augmented with ěHeavy Content such as Video and Audio located on the CD-ROM. When a user clicks on any link on your Web Site a message is sent programmatically that will call up a video segment, audio clip or launch a completely separate application such as a game, interactive survey or quiz. Another advantage to WebRom is all programming is contained in the application on the CD-ROM so your Web Site remains untouched. If you wish, MusicFan can program a security feature into your WebRom that will limit customers browsing capabilities exclusively to your site. MusicFan has done advanced programming in this area and has been able to accomplish a limitless amount of interactivity based on any HTML page.

CD Cards

A CD CARD is a CD-ROM that is usually no bigger in size than an ordinary business card. A CD CARD is a great way to get noticed at your next Trade Show or Convention. With a capacity of up to and beyond 80 megabytes, CD CARDS are an excellent tool for self-promotion and advertisement. Your CD CARD can include small video clips, complete interactivity and dynamic links to your Web Site. MusicFan can link your CD CARD to a custom made CGI script that will enable you to be notified via email anytime someone is using your card while browsing your Web Site. CD CARDS are impressive and we encourage any business to try this new media format as part of their advertisement.


MusicFan offers clients a chance to output their applications on DVD-ROM. DVDís advantages speak for themselves. Each DVD disc holds 4.7GB of data, which is seven times the capacity of todayís CDs. Eventually DVD-ROM will hold up to 26 times what a CD holds. Video and Audio are known memory hogs and a lot of planning usually has to go into keeping the multimedia content under 650 megs. With DVD-ROMís 4.7 Gigabyte capacities, you can include full autobiographies, training videos, countless animations and 100s of CD quality audio files on one disc. DVD-ROMís and CD-ROMís produced by MusicFancan also be ěWeb Enhancedî, to allow your audience to connect to the Internet and Browse your companies Web Site. It is much easier for your audience to use one DVD-ROM instead of the same media spread over several CDís. With the new technology of DVD-ROM, capacity issues are now easily conquered.

Audio and Video Production

We create and edit custom digital media such as RealVideo, Quicktime, Mpeg, MP3, Shockwave Audio, RealAudio, MoviePlayer and AVI. We can digitize any video or audio clip you currently own and format it to be used for your Multimedia application or Web Site. If required MusicFan is affiliated with a production company that can produce and direct small and large scale video projects.

MusicFan is a full service Multimedia Company that specializes in CD-ROM, CD Card, DVD-ROM, Enhanced CD and Web Production.

Online Tutorials

MusicFan authors Online Tutorials that will entertain, educate and encourage interactive learning for adults and children. Education is the reason a lot of people will revisit a Web Site. Learning is no longer limited to the classroom; people are able to get the training that they want and need right on the Internet. With games and tutorials a user will spend ten times the amount of time on your site and get more familiar with your business and or product in the process. Online Tutorials are not just for adults, learning games for children can add to a childís education. With parent supervision an online tutorial can become a fun and creative activity to share with your child. When parents get involved with the learning process their childís confidence is strengthened in turn will give your child the know how to educate themselves for a life time.

MusicFan strives towards making participants of their online training applications smile, concentrate, ponder, and be enlightened. Often times we can build a custom application that will interact with your server through the use of CGI (Common Gateway Interface). It is not always good enough to just have a beautiful, easy to navigate tutorial; a lot of times people are looking for more in the way of entertainment. We will provide all content and storyboards, as well as completely develop a Online Tutorial for you.

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