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Enhanced CD and DVD FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Enhanced CD?

Enhanced CD or ECD is a enhanced compact audio disc with multimedia content that can be played on both audio CD and computer-based CD-ROM players. When using the ECD in the CD Rom of your computer you can experience pictures, videos, lyrics to some of you favorite songs, or whatever innovative content the label and developer has designed for you.

What is DVD?

DVD stands for digital video disc or digital versatile disc, but is usually just called DVD -- the latest generation of optical disc storage technology. DVD is a bigger, faster CD that can hold cinema-like video, better-than-CD audio, and computer data. The DVD market aims to encompass home
entertainment, computers, and business information with a single digital format, eventually replacing audio CD, videotape, laserdisc, CD-ROM, and video game cartridges, so they say. DVD has widespread support from all major electronics companies, all major computer hardware companies, and all major movie and music studios. With this unprecedented support, DVD has become the most successful consumer electronics product of all time in less than three years of its introduction.

Why should I buy enhanced CD or music DVDs?

If you are buying an ECD, the biggest bonus is you pay the same price for an enhanced CD as you do for a regular audio CD. So why wouldn't you? If you have a computer with a CD-ROM drive and/or DVD drive, you can enjoy not only the music but multimedia content and usually direct web connects to your favorite artists websites.

How is Enhanced CD different from CD-ROM?

Most CD-ROMs you buy today may be played only on the CD-ROM drive of your computer. With an enhanced CD you get great music from your favorite artists that can played on your stereo and multimedia content that can viewed with your CD-ROM drive of you computer.

Where do I buy enhanced CDs or music DVDs?

The best place to buy your ECD or music DVD is directly from this site but you can buy ECDs or music DVDs wherever you shop for music.

How do I know its enhanced CD?

Look for a sticker that may say "this disc contains multimedia" or one of the following logos-"CD extra" "enhanced CD" "Quicktime" or "Macromedia". Sometimes the information is on the inside. If you are unsure check this site or send me an email click here

Will my regular audio CD player play a enhanced CD?

Yes all enhanced CDs can be played on any audio CD player. Note: if it is an older enhanced CD (1994-1995) it may have been created using a format called pre-gap or mixed mode. Be careful, you will need to skip the first song (that is where the multimedia content is stored at you will here LOUD static from the stereo speakers).

What kind of computer do I need to play enhanced CD or music DVD?

A regular or multimedia-capable Macintosh or Windows computer should do. Any computer using OS/2, Unix, Amiga, or Windows NT won't be able to view content of an enhanced CD. If you don't have a DVD player on your computer you will not be able to hear or see your DVD.


System Requirements For Enhanced CDs
(Depending on when your Enhanced CD was developed)


 Macintosh Computers Requirements Before 1998

Mac LC III Or Higher
25 Mhz 68030 Or Faster
8 Megabytes Of Ram
System 7.1 Or Later
640 X 480 256 Color Display
Double Speed Multi-Session CD-Rom Drive
With Enhanced CD Compatible Firmware (E.G. Apple CD 300)
Apple CD-Rom Extension 5.1.1 or later
QuickTime Version 2.0 Or Higher (usually included on disc)
SoundManager 3.0 (Included On Most Enhanced CDs)
 Macintosh Computers Requirements After 1999

Minimum Requirements
120 mHz PowerPC Macintosh
32 MB or more of installed RAM
Mac OS 8.1 or later
Netscape 4.0 or greater
Internet Explorer 4.5 or greater
To view videos, you need Quicktime 4.0 or higher
CD-ROM drive compatible with Enhanced CDs.
(If you are unsure of the capabilities of your CD-ROM drive,
please contact your hardware manufacturer to verify
that your drive contains Enhanced CD 
(Blue Book/Multi-session) compatible firmware.)

PC Computers Requirements Before 1998

IBM Compatible 486 SX 25 MHZ Or Faster,
8 Megabytes Ram
Microsoft Windows 3.1 Or Higher
640 X 480 Screen Resolution 256 (Bit)
Double Speed Multi-Session CD-Rom Drive
With Enhanced CD Compatible Firmware
Quicktime Version 2.0 Or Higher (usually included on disc)
8 Bit Sound Card


PC Computers Requirements After 1998

After 1999
PC Minimum Requirements
166 mHz Pentium PC processor or greater
32 MB or more of installed RAM
Microsoft Windows 95 or higher
16 bit sound card


Browser and  PlugIn Requirements
for PC and Mac

Netscape 4.0 or greater
Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater
To view videos, you may need Quicktime 4.0 
or higher (usually included on disc)
CD-ROM drive compatible with Enhanced CDs.
(If you are unsure of the capabilities of your CD-ROM drive,
 please contact
your hardware manufacturer to verify that your drive contains
 Enhanced CD
(Blue Book/Multisession) compatible firmware.)



If your enhanced CD or music DVD does not have QuickTime, you can download the latest version
 free-of-charge at the Apple QuickTime site. QuickTime is Apple's interactive media standard that makes it possible for users to view and edit video, music, text, animations and other dynamic information.


NOTE: All Enhanced CD's Created by MusicFan do not require a Quicktime Plugin for PC.



What is CD EXTRA?

CD EXTRA is a registered trademark name of Sony Corporation and represents a new format of enhanced CD based on the Blue Book standard endorsed by Sony and Philips.
You can find more information here

What technology does Blue Book use?

Blue Book uses a technology called stamped multisession which puts music and interactive media
on the same compact audio disc in two separate pressings.

Why is it called Blue Book?

Blue Book is the actual book that contains the specifications for enhanced CD's that use stamped multisession technology.

How is CD EXTRA different from CD Plus?

CD EXTRA is what was previously called CD Plus.

Why won't my enhanced CD work on my computer?

There are 2 possible answers.

1) Your computer and hardware are older versions and do not support Multisession CD-Rom or your software if outdated. If you got your CD-Rom drive before 1996, you might not have a multisession drive. If you are unsure of your CD-Rom drive's capability, please contact your hardware manufacturer to verify that your drive contains (blue book/mutlisession) compatible firmware.

2) If you are using a windows machine you may have an older enhanced CD that was created using a pre-gap format. Microsoft stopped supporting this format in 1996. If you have a "pre-gap" ECD, the easiest solution is to try viewing it on the Macintosh. If that is not a possibility, you can try a patch now that will swap out your new scsi1hlp.vxd driver with the old one. I don't recommend this but try if you must......you can get it here.

2. Why doesn't my DVD work on my Computer DVD-ROM player? There are many things that could be going wrong when your PC won't play a DVD in a DVD-Rom compatible drive. As with your ECD's you may need to get updated drivers. Driver bugs are the biggest cause of playback problems, ranging from freezes to bogus error messages about regions. Go to the support section on the web sites of your equipment manufacturers and make sure you have the latest decoder drivers as well as the latest drivers for your graphics adapter and DVD decoder. Apple releases numerous updates for audio drivers and the DVD player application. Make sure you have the latest versions. Make sure DMA or SDT is turned on. In Windows, go into the System Properties Device Manager, choose CD-ROM, open the CD/DVD driver properties, choose the Settings tab, and make sure the DMA box (for IDE drives) or the Sync Data Transfer box (for SCSI drives) is checked. If you get an error about unavailable overlay surface, reduce the display resolution or number of colors (right-click desktop, choose Settings tab).

I hope these suggestions help. Please be aware that Studios and various foreign and domestic distributors require that the DVD standard include
codes that can be used to prevent playback of certain discs in certain geographical regions for various reasons. Each player is given a code for
the region in which it's sold. The player will refuse to play discs that are not coded for its region. This means that discs bought in one country may not play on players bought in another country. There are 8 different region codes.

Most music DVDs bought in the United States will play in NTSC region players except Region 2,
which requires a Region 2 "PAL" version of the disc.

Enhanced CDs and music DVDs are great way for you to see added multimedia from your favorite artists. Like all products they are constantly evolving and will be becoming better and more reliable as time passes.

We are in the process of adding music DVDs to the database, please check back for more information.

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