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What Is A DualDisc?
DualDisc has both a CD audio* side and a DVD side, allowing artists to create in exciting new ways using audio, video and computer content - all on a single two-sided disc.

What Is On A DualDisc?
One side is the full-length CD audio album. The other side offers DVD content. This may include enhanced album audio, 5.1 surround sound, music videos, artist interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, documentary films, photo galleries, lyrics, computer-ready digital song files, and Web links. It all depends on the artist.

Do I Need New Equipment?
No (see below). However, to take full advantage of DualDiscs that feature surround sound music, you'll need a 5.1 channel surround system.

What Is Enhanced Audio And Surround Sound?
The DVD side of the DualDisc offers superior audio. Many DualDiscs include surround sound mixes that have been specially created during the recording process. When listened to on a 5.1 channel surround system, the result is a rich, three-dimensional musical experience. DualDiscs also include an LPCM Enhanced Stereo mix of the album on the DVD side. LPCM is an uncompressed audio encoding format and Enhanced Stereo refers to the fact that the audio mix of the album on the DVD side is at a higher sampling rate (48 kHz/16-bit) than that of a CD (44.1 kHz/16-bit).

Where Can I Play A DualDisc?
We recommend using the DVD side if you have a DVD player in order to enjoy the entire album in enhanced audio and the additional DVD features. The DVD side plays wherever a DVD plays - including many gaming consoles and computers. In a PC, the DVD side acts like a DVD-ROM on DualDiscs that include computer extras and Web links. The CD audio* side plays on all but a limited number of CD and DVD models.

How Can I Tell Which Side Is Which?
Each side is clearly marked for play on a CD or DVD player.
What If I Put A DualDisc In My Player Upside-Down?
If you place the DVD side in a CD player, it will not play - just turn it
over and re-insert.

What DualDisc Titles Are Available?
Beginning in February 2005, a range of DualDisc titles will be available
across a variety of genres, for both new and catalog releases.

* The audio side of this disc does not conform to CD specifications and
therefore not all DVD and CD players will play the audio side of this disc.
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